Health Care or Health Snare?

Obama HealthcareIn the news, blogosphere and all over the social web we have seen updates about the Health care reform conversation that President Obama.   In my opinion reform to the Health Care system is needed.  I grew up in a small town where many people don’t have health care and can’t afford it.  I know motocross riders that couldn’t afford it and have been lucky enough that the MX community held fundraisers to help pay their medical bills.  What package it comes in and what that looks like is to be determined by the conversation Obama has opened up.  Whether the reform includes a public option or not, it is necessary. The Merriam Webster dictionary defines reform as:

  • 1a: to put or change into an improved form or condition
  • 1b: to amend or improve by change of form or removal of faults or abuses.

It’s undeniable that the Health Care industry has been corrupted by greed and that strategies have been setup to increase profit by denying the people who are too sick or don’t have money care.  Also strategies are used for prescriptions to keep people hooked.  This is not preventative care.  In China obese civilians are put on an exercise and diet plan paid for by the government. If there is no sign of improvement over time they are fined.  This is to prevent the high costs of diabetic care the nation incurs as a result of people not staying healthy. Now there is some preventative care!  Although I don’t advocate this kind of preventative care for us.

Good health is a necessity for a society to thrive, learn and develop.  Safety and Physiological needs are fundamental for a long life as well as the ability to think with a clear mind.  Take a look at Maslow’s Hierarchy of needs:
Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs

This video does a good overview of the conversation on the table.

This video highlights some of those questions (Embedding is disabled so will need to go to the site to watch)

Some questions I have if the plan is to keep health care privatized are:

  • How will we tweak the government regulations to keep private health care in check? and truly enforce it?
  • How will these influence private health providers to focus on preventing sickness instead of just treating the symptoms of the illness to keep your ‘customer’ around?
  • What new standards will be put in place to prevent private companies from cherry picking the healthy and disqualifying the sick?  Michael Moore’s documentary “Sicko” had some great points towards this.
  • Has the private sector become too set in their ways / corrupted by their old systems to accept these changes? If they have, then how much money will it take to regulate the existing private system vs. competing with them through a public option?

Some questions if the plan is to provide a public plan option:

  • As the 2nd video above points out.  What keeps employers from switching their employees to the cheaper public plan? Thus forcing employees to use it? It states Tax breaks and mandates to prevent mass exodus.
  • How long will that hold up? Sounds like a short term appeasement to make the opposition happy while in the long term we will move to the public option by way of cost. If the plan is subsidized by unlimited taxes and funding then it will inevitably drive the private competition out of the market.
  • What regulations are being placed on the public plan to protect the tax payers from it sucking in too much of our money?
  • Is there a way to setup / ensure a phase out strategy if the plan gets too costly, under performs or does it’s job to get the private sector in line with the new government regulations?
  • What are all of the efficiency steps on the table to prevent mass spending and be a true competitor of the private sector without the public plan dipping its hand in the tax payer piggy bank?

Would love articulate answers and / or questions any people have.

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